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Want to become a part of the VYC family?

We accept applications all year around

Here is how you apply:

Send us an E-Mail at with the following details:

  • Your up-to-date CV including all your artistic accomplishments, publications, exhibitions, awards… etc. (don’t worry if your CV is not yet filled with artistic accomplishments).
  • Your up-to-date portfolio including all the artistic work you like to share with us.
  • Two headshots / portraits of yourself (these do not have to be professional, just nice photos that you think capture you the best).
  • Our filled out and signed consent form (you can download the consent form down below).
  • A document answering the questions in our application form. This can be Word, Pages, PDF… etc.(you can download the application form down below).

(If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send us an E-Mail)

The application process, as well as becoming part of VYC, is absolutely free and there are no fees!

Who can apply?

As VYC focuses on young emerging artists in Vienna, we dont’t have a set profile for our applicants. We aim to represent artists below the age of 35 (this isn’t a strict cut off, please E-Mail us for more details on exceptions). You do not have to be from Vienna to be a part of the VYC family. VYC prides itself in representing artists from all around the world. The only important factor is that you live in Vienna (at least most of the time).

We love to showcase a variety of art ranging from paintings to sculptures, poems to installations….and everything that falls in-between that. We aim to represent a collection of artists with various talents and disciplines.

What happens now?

After you’ve successfully sent us your complete application, we will look over it and get back in touch with you shortly. We aim to feature as many artists as possible in our monthly ZINE, as well as incorporate new artists in our VYC SPACE exhibitions.