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Alexandra “Sasha” Yakubov

Welcome to VYC, Vienna Youth Contemporary. The initiative was initially started by Alexandra (Sasha) Yakubov after working in various galleries and seeing flaws in the management of young emerging arts. She then thought to create a Vienna-based network where artists from various medias could work together to promote their own work, as well as collaborate and expand their own abilities in terms of creating. Sasha has lived in Vienna for over fifteen years and admires the young creative scene rife within the city. Sasha wants the best for the next generation of artists and hopes to connect them with both opportunities and support, in order for them to explore the entirety of their bright potential.

Founder of Vienna Youth Contemporary
Editor-In-Chief of VYC ZINE

Sinan Caglar

After Sasha established Vienna Youth Contemporary’s creative agency, Sinan Caglar was brought in as head of VYC SPACE. Sinan has several years of experience in restructuring and management, as well as being an avid lover of the arts. VYC SPACE is our exhibition project, occurring at various times throughout the year in various locations. In contrast to the typical gallery experience, VYC SPACE is a fully immersive event. Work is no longer singled out in open spaces, however, intertwined and overlapped within the venue in order for the exhibition itself to become a work of art. VYC SPACE curates exhibitions with select artists to create a multi-sensory experience of art buying and exhibiting, no longer fixated on one piece but the entire experience. The events connect artists and buyers, as well as invite creative individuals to partake. VYC SPACE serves as a physical location for creatives to display their work as well as cultivate new connections.

CEO of Vienna Youth Contemporary