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Vienna Youth Contemporary, VYC, is a creative agency representing young emerging artists in Vienna’s contemporary art world. VYC is focused on building a network of support for young artists, both in the creation and selling stage. VYC connects creatives to explore various disciplines and results in works of limitless possibilities. VYC also holds immersive exhibitions several times throughout the year, inviting collectors and likeminded individuals to appreciate Vienna’s young emerging art scene. VYC understands the importance of creative freedom and is working to give young artists the chance to explore their vast potential.

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Introducing Sacha Grandemange to VYC! Grandemange, originally from the north east of France, has been living in Vienna since 2020 and is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna under Professor Alastair Mackinven.

When I was a child I wanted to be a chef on a spaceship. I have lived in many different environments from big city to a countryside in the mountains. Growing up in the region of Annecy, a
small city in France, has brought a love of nature and as a kid I was drawing the landscape.
My stepfather influenced me to study cooking as he was a pastry chef himself. So I went to a cooking school for 2 years, but then I realized that kitchen
are too closed for me and I needed something more free.
I thought I would become a movie director or work in cinema. I was in the beginning of the path of finding myself, I left France and went to Switzerland to
realize that I need some more time. I left to Berlin and lived there for almost five years. During this period, I have met many artists and got a lot of life
experience. I worked as an artist assistant for Wolf Hamm for a year. In 2018 I got enrolled at the academy of fine art Karlsruhe. I studied there for a year but I didn’t belong there so I moved again. This time, my choice was Vienna.

TXT by Sacha Grandemange



Painting by Sacha Grandemange

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